The Rules

The rules are simple:

  • Each artist must ride at least three waves, witnessed by at least two others in the group. Heckling, burning, backpaddling, hassling, and snaking are all encouraged by the general public to the artists. However, artists who engage in said behavior with the general public will be disqualified.
  • Paddling out on an inflatable slice of pizza while wearing a mexican wrestling mask is not prohibited.
  • This shall be a group session, and the group will decide which peak or area that will be surfed prior to paddling out. Outside of the event, we encourage everyone to paddle off to their own peak, but in the event, we expect you to be in the mix. If you don’t surf with the group, you will be deemed a sneaky bugger and disqualified.
  • After an artist has ridden at least three waves, they must create one work of art, from start to finish on the beach.
  • Any artist who doesn’t ride 3 waves or brings a painting they already started before the event is disqualified.
  • Disqualification means no donuts.
  • After the event, participants are judged on vague and shady criteria that only the head judge knows about.  Artwork completed will be the primary factor, although surfing performance and donut selection may also be considered.
  • The lack of specific criteria is designed to encourage bribery rather than fair competition, since we don’t pay the judge a dime ourselves.
  • Trophies are awarded in a solemn ceremony at the end of the day. If you skip the ceremony, someone else will win instead.