Head Judge:
Damian Fulton 

Jeff Yeomans | Wade Koniakowsky | Fay Wyles | Andy Warde | Nathan Paul Gibbs | Matt Stanton Beard | Rick Blake | Greg Gorgas | Keith Boyd | Norm Daniels | Victoria Huff | Scott Prior

Organizer's Choice Award: 
Tom Rogo (it's true, even though he wasn't even technically part of the event)

Event Summary:
Woke up to a slight chance of rain, but an otherwise beautiful morning. The wind was light and the surf as clean as it had been for several days, but mixed up windswell conditions still prevailed. One of our artists backed out at the last minute, publicly claiming on social media that the event was rained out. He never checked with us about that, and he won't be invited again. Off to an interesting start.

Prior to paddling out, one artist was spotted peaking his head out of a cactus patch up on the hill overlooking the scene. Nobody could figure out who he was and it would be a few hours before he revealed himself.

Wade Koniakowsky was a standout in the water, citing his Texas roots as the reason he was able to decipher the confusing conditions.

As the morning progressed, spectators showed up with enough donuts to feed an overcrowded LA school. The ants were stoked, and so were we. 

Eventually it was learned that the mystery artist on the hill was none other than Tom Rogo. Showing up unannounced, but full of enthusiasm, we were blown away by his artwork. We even tried to bring it to the gallery for the group show that was to follow, but in humble fashion he refused, holding strong to his spectator status and unwilling to join the ranks of the "invited". We awarded him with the highest honor, the coveted "skaka" trophy. He will be back next year.