For the last few years we've been inviting a handful of artists who work in ocean/surf related themes to get together on the beach, go for a surf, and make some art right there in the sand afterwards.

There's plenty of art shows featuring surf and ocean themes taking place all over Southern California at any given time. We wanted to put those artists in the water, and on the sand, where they can interact freely with the public and one another, while secretly loosening easel bolts and fin screws on their competitor's equipment.

How do we get these busy top-level professional artists to take the time to participate in this barely-thought-out scheme of an "event"?

Easy. We bribe them with donuts, coffee, tacos, and beers... (most of which we beg the public to provide for us, since we are artists ourselves and everyone knows we are food-challenged). 


In the water we're a group of mostly average surfers and most folks paddling by would see nothing out of the ordinary. If they could somehow see the collective creative output of the small pack of surfers sharing waves together, they'd probably be quite surprised, but since they can't they're just as likely to burn one of their favorite artists without even knowing it. Buckets of fun.

On the beach after the surf, everyone sets up their art gear and gets busy creating some sort of artwork from start to finish on the sand. Each year we rely on the kindness of friends and general public to fuel the art session with donuts and coffee, and they have always come through, sometimes in such abundance we beg passerby's to help in the consumption.

It's a low-key gathering, created for the artists enjoyment. Nothing is taken to seriously, but these are serious artists and respect runs high among the participants. Notes are shared, lessons learned, friendships built. For artists who usually only engage with each other in gallery settings, it's a refreshingly fun day of getting to know each other on a much more relaxed level.

Plus, did we mention there's donuts?